The Healthiest Subscription Boxes of 2020


For one to stay healthy, it is essential to exercise regularly and eat healthy foods. Strict adherence of this practice allows one to stay fit and helps prevents you from most chronic ailments caused by an unhealthy diet and lack of exercising. For an enjoyable exercise, it’s necessary to use the latest workout gears, equipment and keep track of your diet as well. Fortunately, fitness subscription boxes offer an array of the latest items consisting of workout clothes, training equipment, and snacks to be taken before and after exercise. There are subscriptions available for almost any activity, so it is highly likely that there is a box that fits you and your lifestyle. The healthiest subscriptions boxes of 2020 include:

1) RunnerBox
A runner box comprises of products that help both starters and experienced athletes endure the challenging exercises. The package contains over ten items that help runners run throughout the month. Items found in this subscription box are joint supplements, kinesiology tape, chews, bars, hydration, headphones, resistant bands, headphones, and some products suitable for every season of the year. Possession of this box will also help you keep fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

2) Fabletics
Fabletics box consists of appropriate clothes for every exercise as per your subscription. After subscribing to receive this box monthly, you are given the privilege to select how you would wish your gears to look in terms of color, type of exercise, and body type. With the right clothing, exercise becomes an easy task and interesting too.

3) Fit Snack
For your workouts to be beneficial to your body, it is vital to take the right portions of healthy snacks. Fit Snack box consists of at least two items that are well selected by nutritionists and are high in proteins, low in sugar, raw, vegan, all-natural, gluten-free, and GMO-free.

4) MuscleBox
For frequent gym visitors, muscleBox will serve them well. There are three types of muscleBox and include the following:
(a) Musclebox for men – This type of box is customized for men only whose goal is to keep fit and build their bodies.
(b) Miss Musclebox for women – Women box is tailored to women aiming to have firm muscles and keep fit.
(c) Protein Musclebox – This box is packed with protein snacks that supply you with the best diet to repair your muscles and lose weight.

5) YogaClub
This subscription will offer you an opportunity to create your profile based on your body type and preferences after signing up. Your profile will guide stylists in choosing the best outfits and other workout gears. YogaClub box includes a set of bras, leggings, jackets, and tops.

6) The Nomadik
Nomadik subscription box contains standard workout gears for backpackers, mountaineers, campers, and all who love exercising outside.

7) Persona
Persona nutrition supplies its subscribers with customized vitamins and supplements every month as per their needs. For healthy living, then the persona subscription box will serve you well. 

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