Unique Ways To Break Through Your Exercise Plateaus

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut performing the same workouts over and over again. When this happens over a longer period of time, our body can plateau our strength and performance gains. Try these unique ways to break through to the next level.

Try Different Techniques
Implementing more aggressive techniques after you’ve acquired a tolerance to exercise is paramount to breaking through any plateau. Intensity is very important to trigger the same effect over time, and changing up what you put your body through is an effective strategy. Your body knows and adapts to your exercise program and that’s a fact of life, but changing the different modes of exercise and putting the body through a new shock will help give you that thermogenic effect if you’re used to a particular exercise program. An example of this would be if you do a bench press then try switching the bench to a different angle to provide a more stimulating challenge. The body will recognize the difference and help you break through that pesky exercise plateau.

Try Different Workouts
There are so many different workout programs that can help you break the mold when you’re in an exercise slump. Adding short burst workouts to your existing regimen is a great idea to burn fat and build lean muscle as you trick the body and catch it by surprise. The more variation you implement into your program the faster you’ll break through your body’s resistance to a particular workout. Another perk to this is that you’ll never get bored with new workouts and keeping your body guessing is the key to prolonged results so you never plateau. It’s easy to become complacent with a particular exercise workout and it becomes habitual over time. Make a conscious effort to ensure an invigorating experience every time and never be afraid to push yourself with new and exciting exercise challenges. These may include burpees with a pushup, M100s, or any specialized program that give you an extra boost!

Exercise Plateaus
The concept of an exercise Plateaus isn’t a bad thing for some people, but for athletes it can pose a real problem in their career. When you reach your body’s limit for a particular regimen it can be like trying to break through ice while you’re submerged beneath the surface. Thankfully, you have control over your body and can implement these strategies to advance exponentially. Each person’s body is different and it’s important to assess the strengths and weaknesses present. Consulting with a professional trainer is a great way to ensure you get the right advice and assessment of your current fitness state and develop training programs that are tailored to your unique plateau.

Varying the weight
One of the best ways to make sure you never hit that wall is to continually vary the weight and even the amount of reps to ensure a constant increase in the productivity of every workout. This is readily apparent among athletes and it can be tempting to stay at the same weight out of fear of injury or simply laziness. We all feel this sometimes and there’s no shame in it. You don’t have to go from 15 to 50 pounds in one day as this would be foolish. From day to day one should increase in smaller increments to reduce risk of injury and recovery pain over the next few days. 

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