The Latest Sports Trends Of 2020 That Will Shape The Future


According to a long-time sports specialist and commentator, all sporting activities have transformed in the past years. The new trends include developing digital media in sports, women’s participation in sports, Esport, and sports diversification. Sports have become very competitive, as every game will work hard to capture a considerable fan base that will increase the revenue collections. The competition for more fan base has brought about some trends in sports.

The following are the top sports trend in 2020:

1. Involvement of women in sports.
The participation of women in sports has been on the rise for the past few years. The creation of women’s sports has expanded to include NBA Leagues, cricket World Cup, Hockey, Soccer, etc. Women’s sports have been an exciting trend, and there is anticipation for more support in 2020. According to sports specialists, womens sports will soon be as popular as men’s sports.
According to recent statistics, 66% of the sports fan supports at least a particular women’s sport. The report indicates that most sports audiences support women participating in the top most popular sporting activities. The number of women athletes participating in the Olympics is the same as that of men.

The inclusion of women in the sporting arena is of benefit to all stakeholders, including the media and sporting brands, as they have a chance to increase their revenue collection due to the creation of a huge fan base in women’s sports. For instance, in the United Kingdom, women football’s popularity is growing daily, and sponsors like Budweiser and Barclays Bank are much interested in the women’s league. Also, do not forget that women own half of the region’s wealth; hence they are likely to morally and financially support women’s sporting activities. More companies like Drum are gearing towards supporting women’s sports.

2. Evolution of Esport.
Esport is a sporting competition through multiplayer video games. Esport is generating a revenue of approximately $1.5 billion annually. By 2023, the Esport viewership will increase by 9% from the 646 million recorded stats in 2020.

Esport is more prevalent in soccer through the FIFA play stations. The Spanish football giant, Real Madrid, is having plans to update its home stadium with Esport Studios to increase revenue collection by £3 million. The Esport giant, ESL, partnered with Facebook to stream live games in their powerful social channel.

3. Personalization of favorite Sports Brand.
There is the personalization of players in Sports. For instance, the move of Christiano Ronaldo to Juventus in 2018 helped the club to sell more than 850,000 shirts in a single day. The power of personal branding is also felt in clubs like FC Barcelona, that uses the Nike brand to sell their T-shirts, track pants, and shoes to collect more revenue.

4. Improvement of the Social Channels.
Every sport creates a social profile on the world’s most popular social channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Social media will help them increase their fan base and also improve their relationship with their fans. 

Every club posts its latest news, training sessions, and live stream with top players through Facebook and Instagram, resulting in brand sponsorship. A club like FC Barcelona has approximately 70 million followers, but Lionel Messi, who has more than 118 million followers, can help the club get more followers.

The sports industry has become a multi-billion dollar venture as it continues to receive support from people of all kinds. 2020 has been the worst phase in the sports industry’s development due to the novel COVID 19. Corona Virus has seen the global stoppage of all the sporting activities, including soccer, rugby, cricket, marathons, etc. The restrictions and other COVID 19 precautionary guidelines have become a nightmare for many sports fans, especially lovers of the prestigious Premier League, EUFA Championship, and UEFA Europa League competitions. 

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