The Newest Winter Trends For This Year


As the leaves start to fall and the air chills, fashion shifts as well. You may have an idea of what to wear in winter – sweater dresses and cozy socks are always a win – but each year, this season calls for something different. Here are some of the winter fashion trends that you will see all winter in 2020.

First up in women’s fashion are preppy sweaters. You may have seen the models layering college sweaters over button-downs and pairing them with skirts in the fall, but as the days get colder, leading fashion icons are leaning more and more into layers, especially layers that include sweaters. Cable-knit sweaters are popular, as well as sweater vests layered over long-sleeve button-down shirts or solid color turtlenecks. Imagine academia meets thrifting, and you’re halfway there. These sweaters tend to be slightly loose, very comfortable and super cozy.

Androgenous silhouettes continue to fill Instagram pages and fashion magazines alike. That includes looser tops and coats as well as straight or wide-leg pants that cover the tops of your shoes. This relaxed silhouette is not only all the rage, but it is also cozy during the long winter months when you have to leave the house, even though all you want to do is curl up on the couch.

An easy way to dress for the season is to follow a color palette. Even if you are not trending when it comes to specific pieces, the color will help you try out the trends. It’s also a great way to save money if you already have these colors in your closet from a previous season. Neutral colors and jewel tones are trending in women’s fashion this winter. Think the colors you would find in a vintage library – everything from maroon to taupe, emerald to brick.

Are you tired of funky prints yet? The fashion industry isn’t. Although cheetah print is out of the picture for the most part, after being featured very heavily in the last couple of seasons, plaid, zebra print, polka dots, stripes and many more are still going strong. It is one of the trickier trends to follow this season; after all, it is hard to walk the line between bold and gauche, but if you are a true fashion master, this may be the trend for you. Thrift stores and second hand stores may have just the funky prints that you’re looking for in statement pieces that are so popular – pants, sweaters and jackets.

In the end, remember that fashion is ultimately a way to express yourself. While it is fun to bounce off trends and get inspiration from the world around you, the most important thing in fashion is that you love how you feel when you are wearing it. Have fun putting your spin on these winter fashion trends, and do not be afraid to step out of the box to express yourself this year’s winter season. 

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