The Greatest VR Games You Can Play Today


VR games provide the most immersive experiences for your gaming experience. When you look at the limitation that a standard TV monitor has in comparison to VR gaming, it can feel particularly liberating. By using VR games, you can get a more accurate feeling of what it’s like to be in the game as well as to look at things from the perspective of someone who is inside it. Here are some of the best VR games that are available.

1) The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim
Skyrim is regarded as being the best role playing game of this generation. It’s an incredibly vast open world game that offers plenty of things to do such as picking locks, joining guilds, decorating your house to fighting dragons and controlling monsters. This experience is furthermore enhanced with the introduction of the virtual reality version. The game features motion tracking controls which enable you to make swinging gestures to use your swords or cast spells. As far as movement goes, you can use a controller directly, or you can walk using a room-scale system.

2) Star Wars: Squadrons
This virtual reality game gives you a first person perspective of the cockpit of a series of spacecrafts. Upon choosing one of the various spacecrafts players can engage in small-scale fights, or large scale warfare. One of the more interesting aspects of this VR title is that it gives you the ability to partake in multiplayer battles with real life users.

3) Iron Man VR
Ironman was one of the first VR games to “get it right” in regards to the level of immersion that virtual reality technology has to offer. By using your VR headset and controller, you assume the role of Iron Man complete with a digital HUD that provides useful information such as mission objectives and flight speed. When you go to your home base, you will be able to customize your suit to your liking. all while you are still in first person mode.

4) Microsoft Flight Simulator
This is regarded as being the best simulator that has ever been created. Even without the utilization of a VR headset, players are able to see awe inspiring graphics that can easily trick you into thinking it’s a real life video. By utilizing a VR setup players are able to interact with switches and buttons up close as well as to turn their heads to watch the clouds as they take off.

5) Doom VFR
Doom was built from the ground up to be a VR title, as opposed to being adapted into a VR title from a standard game. Meaning, unlike Skyrim, that started as a traditional game as to which it got adapted to provide VR functionality, Doom VFR features a distinctive storyline and controls to appease to VR players and was built from the ground up to be immersive. The developers proclaim that the game is more ideal for a room-scale setup as you will have to continuously stand up and crouch as well as to turn around to engage enemies from multiple directions. While the game allows players to move with a controller, it also features teleportation to help players traverse large distances. 

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