8 Activewear Brands To Keep You Looking Good And Feeling Great


Feeling clunky, awkward or just downright off wearing regular sweats? Need something form-fitting that’s breathable with a more modern and eco-friendly approach that keeps up with you long after your morning routine? Maybe something that doesn’t retain as much moisture? If you’re looking for something stylish and comfortable to wear during a busy day, straight from the gym or Zumba class – the list presented here should help you narrow down the best activewear for your needs and lifestyle, keeping you looking good and feeling it regardless of the grind or sweat.

A.L.C. X Bandier Cut-out Kit
This kit might be the right thing during those days the quick jog around the park or last few minutes training, need to meet with errands right after. High waisted pieced leggings, along with a long sleeve cut out crop top and scoop neck bralette hug your curves, accentuating your good looks as the black and python design pop in all the right places.

Triad Biker
Made from certified cotton, mixed with nylon and reinforced seams for durable strength, Nagnata is a sustainable brand that uses upcycled textiles and organic yarns with a 90s inspired style that’s fashionable and not too loud for the active woman, handling her day.

Arya Bra
This bra works wonders. Boasting a new technology, called PPR (Posture, Performance and Recovery) the design and overall function of this chic and simple looking bra, actually help improve your posture and correct your stance where it counts the most: functionality. The industrial shapes and muted tones of farfetch’s piping croptop are flowy and breathable fabrics that hardly look like workout clothes to any passerby. Good for times when you need something a little more enduring that can still pass off for more upscale and casual activewear.

Bum-Sculpting Leggings
Sweaty Betty gives you the leggings you didn’t know you needed with these masterfully crafted form-hugging leggings. Sculpted, beautiful and looking fine in black or other prints available, these are leggings everyone will talk about when you walk down the street.

Aurora Scoop Sports Bra
Silky, double-lined and made of sustainable fabric, this bra is designed to fight off sweat and odor, keeping you assured you’re doing your part in reducing pollution. Be proud of yourself and feel beautiful, no matter your size or shape in this form fitting bra.

Foxy Sherpa Jacket
Comfortable, stylish, with a removable hoodie and ribbed cuffs, will keep you warm during those cold workout days.

Asymmetric Ribbed Knit Flared Pants
These pants from combine the best aspects of ease, flow and breathability. These Live the Process pants are great for those rest days when you decide to let your body enjoy a more active-rest type of day, hanging out at home. The black ribbed knit style will accentuate your curves without restricting movement and are a great thing to rock when doing low intensity yoga or stretching movements. 

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