The Top 5 Knockouts Of Mike Tyson


At age 54, Mike Tyson is revered as one of the world’s greatest boxers and has 44 recorded knockouts under his belt. When Tyson was at his pinnacle, he was frightening and annihilating competitors through awe and his mighty fists. Several of his rivals have conceded that they went into the boxing ring intimidated by Tyson. Spectators beheld Tyson’s boxing matches as exhibitions instead of regular boxing rounds, with everyone anticipating a quick knockout for Tyson’s opponents.

Here’s a list of Mike Tyson’s top five matches, actually six, since there is a tie for fourth place, all of which were under a minute, except for one fight.

1. Tyson vs Frazier – 30 secs
Without a doubt, Tyson was evolving into a boxer to be afraid of, and he used the match against Marvis Frazier to prove that. In 39 seconds, Frazier was on the mat; after dropping to his knees from an uppercut, Tyson landed on him.

2. Tyson vs Spinks – 1 minute and 31seconds
This fight may not have been one of Mike Tyson’s fastest KO, but it was a significant match. 21-year-old Tyson was the all-around heavyweight champion beating some top guns in the industry like Tony Tucker and Trevor Berbick. Michael Spinks was undefeated, but Tyson was in no-nonsense mode and knocked Spinks down two times. That fight would be the second time-or third if you count Tyson’s two- that someone knocked Spinks to the canvas. The match devastated Spinks, who immediately retired from boxing.

3. Tyson vs Colay – 37 seconds
Mike Tyson faced a much taller Robert Colay, who tried to dominate Tyson from the get-go. His multiple punches did not ravel Tyson, who kept dodging the punches. Mike Tyson then surprised Colay with a left hook that knocked him out before he hit the ground.

4. (tie) Tyson vs Spain – 39 seconds
Thirty-nine seconds was all it took for Mike Tyson to knock Ricardo Spain to the canvas twice, first to the face, then the chin. The referee ended the fight.

4. (tie) Tyson vs Johnson – 39 seconds
Mike Tyson faced the very tall and skinny Michael Johnson, without fear with one body shot, Johnson fell. Tyson sealed the deal with a left hook, and it was all over in 39 seconds.

5. Tyson vs Etienne – 49 seconds
After a while, things for Mike Tyson began to get chaotic both publicly and privately. He was now 36 years old, and Lennox Lewis had already knocked him out. Mike Tyson had a lot hinging on the game versus Clifford Etienne. Tyson needed to prove that he was still a heavyweight fighter to be feared, so he went full force at Etienne. A right hook sent Etienne falling unusually to the canvas. The spectators went wild as Mike Tyson proved once again that he still knew how to pack a punch and entertain. 

Mike Tyson was one of a kind and his superior athleticism will forever be remembered in boxing history.

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