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I start off in Rock Hill S.C. ,2nd child of working parents older sister by 4years .Mom and dad worked 40+ hrs. a week At Textile plant .I went on the get 3 more brothers ,we did have fights at times each were born about 3 years a part.The growing family moved to larger home in suburbs on 14 acres what I called the farm after city lot it seemed that way.My dad thought so also we had chickens ,Hogs,dogs ,cats,we even had a goat for a while,and we had farming in the dirt, big garden.Corn,Beans ,Okra,Tomatoes, Melons, Fruit trees,the farm.Every year it was planted bigger each time.My dad got into landscape work planting grass preparing yards for new homes Well I could drive tractor at this time ,So I got into also.My dad was a master pipe fitter by trade,he got into construction Daniels Construction Co. They built major industrial plants ,Power plants.I went into military ,Army after High School served 3 years 13 months in Korea 1967>1968 Got out in 69 I was trained as welder I could fix anything or make a new one.I took computer programmer in atlanta, Ga.1970 IBM Falls Computer College.I met this young girl one night January 1971 Buy Valentines day we were married and on our way,Love love love.I worked all kind of jobs most had some mechanical attributes. I work as certified welder most of the time This is sounding like I ‘ve followed my fathers career somewhat doesn’t it.I worked my way into maintenance at industrial sites I was good at it, I could look at a machine and fix the problems fairly easy I could fabricate parts run lathes milling machines it come natural to me,My wife said he was slow but had good hands,I’ll take that.I have always liked gagets most of the equipment I worked on was evolving all the time you had to be on your game all the time.I last worked for Family Dollar Stores ,Distribution Ctr. In Matthews,N.C. as lead maintenance tech. 12 years got laid off .I got partime job as school crossing guard for a year ,then I started work for Panera Bread as delivery driver I did both jobs for sometime left school after getting hit at crossing twice said that was enough worked for Panera full time ever since .I have all kind of gagets at home electronic door locks, thermostats ,Alexa ,Blink cameras ,solar lighting everywhere outside .Thinking about Solar Panels on Roof to cut power bill in half.I love these new smart watches and hand held products that make life more efficient .<br />


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